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Look Expensive With Necklaces Made From Cheap Beads

Cheap beads provide you with numerous beautiful beads that you can use to make expensive necklaces. They are unique and of high value. You may use one type of beads from cheap beads or use different beads to make a mixed blend that will provide a colourful necklace. Cheap beads provides you with a variety of beads; gemstone beads, wood beads, glass beads, Swarovski, metal beads and shell beads.

Types of beads from cheap beads

There are many types of beads from cheap beads. Below are some of them and their description;
  •       Poppy jasper beads- the reddish variation of brecciaed jasper.
  • ·         Peridot beads- a rare type of olivine and one of the few gemstones that occurs in one colour only.
  • ·     Natural white wood beads- they are made from a common type of wood found in the Philippines. It is locally called Ambabawod.
  • ·         Corol beads- this is a biogenic precious stones
  • ·         Amethyst beads- this is the timeless classic gemstone
  • ·         Turquoise beads-they were used by Egyptians as from 5500bc
  • ·         Abalone beads- this is a shell but it is considered as an organic gemstone.

Description of beads from Cheap beads by category

Gemstone beads are created from natural occurring minerals. The stones are cut and polished to form a beautiful bead. Some stones like coral, lapis lazuli and some organic materials like jet are widely used in jewellery industry and are considered as gemstones.

Wood beads are cut from selected woods, shaped and defined in sizes. Some of the wood beads are left in their natural colours while others are polished and painted into a new look.

Glass beads are widely used to make necklaces. They come in different shapes, colours, sizes and types depending on how they were manufactured.

Swarovski is the brand name for a range of precisely cut lead crystal that is a particular type of glass. They are created in a way to give each crystal a brilliant sparkle. They are heavier than the normal glass. They are manufactured under strict quality control.

Metal beads can be mixed with semi precious stone, glass, pearls or wood.

Shell beads are made from shells of different organisms and they provide very beautiful beads for necklaces e.g. white nassa shell beads, tiger nassa shell beads, violet oyster cone shell beads, brown lip shell heishi beads and many more