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The ABC’s of Making Jewelry Using Pearl Beads

There are quite a number of things you need to know about jewelry making process using pearl beads. However, before delving into the nitty gritty’s, you need to understand the very basic facts about pearl beads. To begin with, pearls have been in existence since time immemorial.  There are two main types and these are cultured and natural types.  If you know the aforementioned facts, then understanding the essentials become pretty easy.  If you understand how to choose and make jewelry using these types of beads, you are likely to get the best possible end result.  Here are some important factors that you must have on your finger tips;

Choosing pearl beads

It is ridiculous if you don’t understand how to choose the best pearl beads, when you want to come up with an outstanding jewelry.  While choosing these beads you must consider the shape, surface perfection, luster, and nacre thickness. Importantly, look at the color and size as these two will have a direct impact on the aesthetic value of the jewelry. If you have no idea about the finer details it is essential that you consult with the experts, way before you make a purchase.

Shape of the jewelry

It matters a lot the type of jewelry you want to make, as this determines what kind of pearl you will go for at any given time.  The geometrical shaped jewelry is a great and popular choice-and so you must ensure that you know about the weave squares and anything related. Also, you need to have an understanding of embellishment process so that quality of the jewelry is not compromised whatsoever.  If you are a beginner jewelry maker, then this is something that will definitely help you a great deal.

Other pertinent factors

The Jewelry making process is not all about choosing beads and shape of the jewelry. The other things you must factor in include;
  • Design of the jewelry you are trying to make must be stylish and fashionable
  • If you are doing a necklace project ensure that the vintage metal used complements the pearl bead color
  • A lariat should consider color and texture as these tow dictate quality
The above two are only but a few considerations that you need to have in mind. Overall, the type of jewelry you’re making ultimately determines the finer details of the process. If you are just starting out, you’re advised to ensure that you get the best possible advise from experts.