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Making Chain Tassel Anklet with Colorful Acrylic Beads and Turquoise Beads

Hey friends, as the weather is becoming hotter and hotter, you may quite wanna have fun on the beach. At that time, is it will be better to wear a jewel fit the sun and beach? So here I will share a chain anklet with you all. Follow me to see!

Jewelry making suppliers you’ll need in making the tassel anklet:
14x16x5mm Starfish Turquoise Beads
9x10x7mm Frosted Heart Acrylic Beads
10mm Round Acrylic Beads
Silver Headpins
Silver Lobster Clasp
Silver Twisted Chain
Side Cutting Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Step 1: Prepare several acrylic beads (round, heart), starfish turquoise beads, and headpins, silver a bead to a head pin and make a loop at the other end of the headpins.
Step 2: Cut about 11 pieces of twisted chains (one is long, and others are short).

Step 3: Attach the 10 short pieces of chains to the long piece of chain one by one, and then attach all the bead patterns to the chains as pictured.
Step 4: Attach a lobster clasp to one end of the beaded chain anklet while attach a heart bead pattern and a starfish bead pattern to the other end of the chain anklet.

Now, this tassel anklet is finished quickly, love it? Such a beads anklet is so easy yet nice that your time on beach will be colorful as well, how do you think of it? Have a nice try and see you next time!