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DIY Handmade Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet with Beads

Wanna DIY wire bangle yourself? Today’s project may be a good choice for you to have a nice try. This is a wire wrapped bangle bracelet with beads, and it is really personalized, so if you also want to make such a handmade wire bracelet, just follow my detailed instruction to make one.
Supplies you’ll need in making the wire bracelet with beads:
6MM Round Jade Beads (purple, pink, blue)
10MM White Cat Eye Beads
3MM purple Glass Pearl Beads
0.5 MM Golden Jewelry Wires
0.3 MM Silver Jewelry Wires
1.5MM Blue Aluminum Wire
Golden Brass Bangle

Step 1: Cut a piece of blue aluminum wire, fold the wire into half and wrap it together as pictured.

Step 2: Cut a piece of silver jewelry wire, thread a purple pearl to it, fold the wire into half and thread the 2 ends through a white cat eye bead, then wrap the silver wire with the blue aluminum wire together, and then wrap the aluminum wire to a brass bangle as pictured.

Step 3: Cut a long piece if golden jewelry wire, wrap it to the right side of the bangle, add a blue jade bead and continue to wrap it around the bangle.
Step 4: Add a purple jade bead to the wire and wrap it around the bangle as pictured and continue to add more beads and wrap it with the bangle.

Step 5: Do the same steps to make the left side as pictured.
This beading bangle is finished quickly now, do you like it? As for me, such a handmade wire bracelet is so easy to make that I will try to make one for myself. If you are also interested in this DIY wire bangle, just join me to make it now! 

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