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How To Make A Hemp Necklace Using Simple Jewelry Making Supplies?

You can present someone with a hemp necklace that you would make out of your own hands. Just imagine how tendered they would feel because you took the time and goodwill of making a beautiful necklace with simple jewelry making supplies.
But before commencing, make sure you have check listed the following mandatory jewelry making supplies:
·         Hemp: Here, we’ll use hemp 12 times the length of the measurements. If your neck is 16 inches then you will need 16 feet of hemp.
·         Safety pin
·         Scissors
     Step 1: Measure how much of hemp you require. Wrap the end of a strand around your neck. Cut the strand where it parts with the corresponding side of your neck. In order to attain a good measure, add a few extra inches while cutting the strand. Now repeat the same round of wrapping to get two strands that form a loop in between. This is your foundational strand and also where you’ll be tying the hemp knots around.

Step 2: Pull the newly cut strand steadily and measure one more length of hemp right next to it; do not cut the new strand, though. You will be committing the doubling round of strand over and over again until you reach 8 doubled strands. Afterwards, you need to have one long piece of hemp when you pull the strand, so cut the hemp by the end.
Step 3: Now comes the part where you have to knot. I will prefer you have a spare table or some sturdy surface besides your collected jewelry making supplies. You can secure the initial loop using a safety pin. It can generally set your hands free for doing other steps and save time.
Step 4: You have to create a loop that shall be a part of your necklace’s clasp, so fold the foundational strand in half. Followed by, fold the long strand in half and wrap its loop around your foundational strand’s loop.
Step 5: Now be very careful as you cross the left-side piece of the long strand over the foundational strand, and then underneath the right-side piece of the long strand.  You’ll reach the point where the left-side stand would lie under the right-side strand. You have to wrap the right-side stand behind the foundational strand. The right-side strand that is behind the foundational strand, pull it through the left-side’s loop. Grab both strands. They should be on the opposite sides from where they started, and pull the knot up tightly. That’ll form a square knot.
Step 6: Push the first knot up the center of the foundational strand until its loop reaches a size for fitting an ending knot through. The last knot will perhaps be the size of your fifth finger or even smaller than that. To estimate the size of loop required, tie a temporary knot using the end of the strands.
Step 7: Now the following steps are repetitions. Start with crossing the right-side strand back over the foundational strand. Enclose the left-side strand over the crossed right-side one, then behind the foundational strand. Then pull the left-side strand through the right-side one’s loop. You have to make another square knot by pulling the strands tightly.

Until you reach your desired length, repeat this process. Now tie all four strands into a regular knot that will be pulled all the way through the foundational loop to work as a clasp for your necklace.

That’s it; your jewelry making supplies came worth your money!