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How Do I Attach a Cabochon to a Cabochon Setting?

Jewelry making that involves in cabochons is a tough job. This becomes a problem for the people who have never worked with a cabochon before. The designers find it very challenging working with them as attaching one to its setting requires a lot of care, attention and trouble too. But this can be a bit easy when you know what to do and how do it. Some handy tips could be very useful when you need to attach a cabochon to its setting. Doesn’t matter what kind of base it is or what design it has, when you know how to attach it things become easy to handle.
In order to work with the cabochons easily you need to know about some valuable tips so that you can fit it in the setting without any fuss or time consuming way:

A cabochon always has a flat back
It is important for you to check that your cabochon has got a flat back. You might find some of them that have curved backs which is due to the defect in the manufacturing. You need to be sure that the ones you buy have got flat backs otherwise fitting them in the setting would be a problem. This is especially to be considered when you are about to buy vintage ones.
Match the size with the base of the setting
Whenever I want to buy cabochon packs I make sure every size I buy easily fit on the setting. It is important for you to match the size and the base of the setting so that the cabochon stays in easily and effortlessly. Therefore, you need to see the shape of the cabochon carefully.
Use a legit adhesive
Whatever adhesive or glue you use should be an E-6000. Do not use a hot glue or a super glue. Using these products as your adhesive will let the cabochon out of its shell. It doesn’t stay for long. Using an E-6000 will provide a long time stay to the cabochon in the setting. It is quite affordable and durable as well.
Cleaning the cabochon and its setting
Just when you think that lets put all this together and see what a magical jewelry item it becomes, you need to be sure everything is neat and clean. No dirt is allowed when you are making jewelry. Clean the cabochon carefully and the setting as well. Never neglect the setting as it is the main thing that has got the dirt particles hidden. Clean it first with a piece of cloth and then place the cabochon.
While applying the adhesive
Dealing with cabochons and the settings can be easy when you know what you have to do. After you have cleaned the setting then its time you place the cabochon. Never apply the adhesive on the setting. Always apply it on the cabochon and then press it against the base of the setting. While doing this you need to make sure that the cabochon is touching the base of the setting evenly.

Give it enough time to dry so that everything is in place. These tips can be quite helpful for you while dealing with cabochons