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Do You Really Think You Know About Lava Beads?

Did you ever heard about the lava beads? If yes then are you sure you know all about them? These beads are one of the beads that are widely sold in the market. These are popular for making fashion jewelry beads and their types are increasing rapidly. The look of these beads is a bit earthy along with elegant. They have charm of their own. But when it comes to buying these beads for making jewelry then you need to know about some facts which even I didn’t now but with research and struggle this is what I found about these beads:
1.       By the name we can surely guess that they formed with the help of lava which is the one that is produced through the volcanos. But actually they are made from basalt that is a sort of igneous rock that forms during the volcanic eruption.
2.       Under the surface of the rising volcano, the pressure and temperature are in such a state that they are able to melt rock. This is why whenever the volcano erupts the lava brings molten rock as well. But as soon as the environment cools down everything that came out of the volcano then solidify. As a result of this, the stone beads are made. Usually, these lava beads are found in the shapes of ovals, discs, teardrops, slices, roundels and saucers as well.

3.       These stones have a porous nature which clearly means that they have got holes and bubbles in them making them light in weight as well. This makes them ideal for using in jewelry. Lava beads enhance the look of the jewelry items making them a lot more attractive and comfortable to wear as well than the usual beads.

The natural looking beads of lava come in brown, grey and black color. These beads can be dyed as well which is why you will find them in variety of colors in the market. Due to being porous, they have a rough texture. Thus, before selling out in the market or for using in jewelry they are smoothened out with paraffin wax.
2.       Because of the physical properties of the lava beads they hold a significance importance in the fashion and crafting industry. Lava stone is considered as the symbol of fertility, strength and endurance. People believe that this stone brings stability in crucial times. As it is extracted from Earth thus it holds in strength that hold our relationship with the planet firmly. Other characteristics of this stone are that it reduces anger, firms our belief and provides help and support in making the right choices. This is the reason why American Indians used to wear this before battles.
3.       If you are looking forward to buying these beads then you need to watch out for the fake manmade ones. The fake ones are even lighter than the original ones.
The ideas you can use the lava beads with are numerous. You can create different and valuable items with the help of these beads. If you want to buy these in bulk then choosing wholesale options would be wise.