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DIY Quilling Paper Flower Earrings

Hello, my friends, do you love paper quilling earrings? They are often unique and delicate, and I have made some for myself. Today, I will show you a pair of paper quilling flower earrings. This pair of green flower earrings is very easy to make and I just finish them within 15minutes. Hope you love them and make ones for yourself.

Jewelry making supplies you will need:
Red Pearl Beads
Green Quilling Paper
Red Quilling Paper
Earring MakingSupplies
Gold Jump Rings
Paper Models
Roll Pen
Long Nose Plier

Step 1: Cut a piece of green quilling paper (with a length about 10cm), and roll it into a circular bead, put it into a 10cm hole as pictured. Stick the end and pinch it into a petal-like shape as pictured.
Step 2: Repeat step 1 to make other 8 petal-like shapes, and stick them together as a flower.

Step 3: Glue 3 red pearl beads on the surface of the green flower as shown in the picture. Roll another small quilling paper circular bead and stick it with the flower as pictured, then attach the earring making supplies to the flower with a jump ring.

Step 4: Repeat above steps to make another one earring.
Now, I have finished this pair of flower earrings. So beautiful, do you love them? With wholesale jewelry supplies that you can find on Pandahall, you can also make this pair of handmade paper quilling earrings. I will make more pretty quilling paper ornaments, expected? See you next time~