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Cute Baby Girl Lace Bow Headbands You Shall Never Miss!

Good afternoon our lovely friends! We have introduced lots of jewelry for you before, today I’d love to share something new— baby girl lace headband! Yes, you must be curious about that. That’s fine, let’s see how to make cute lace bow headbands together~
Materials needed for making the lace bow headband:
28mm and 38mm black lace trim, 6mm purple bon, 10mm round jade beads strand, 12mm faceted round jade beads strand, green; black sewing thread, plastic headband, needle, scissors, hot glue gun.
Instruction on making a cute lace bow headband:
Step 1: prepare a lace bow and get the headband ready;
(1)     Trim off a length of 38cm wide black lace, which is 2cm longer than the headband;
(2)     Wrap the headband wholly using the lace and paste them with glue;
(3)     Trim off 3 bands of lace, which are 28cm wide;
(4)     Circle one lace band and glue on both ends, then form a bow shape showing as the picture below;
Step 2: prepare another 2 lace bows and slide the beads
(1)     Fix the bow with thread and glue on the headband in proper place and make it look nicer;
(2)     Prepare another 2 bows as the ways mentioned above, and fix them on the headband too;
(3)     Add an indigo bead and a green bead in the middle of each bow with glue. You must be sure the beads are added firmly;
(1)     Wrap a purple ribbon around the headband and fix it using glue.
That’s all. Here is the final look of the cute lace bow headband:
Hey guys , what occurs in your mind at sight of it? It’s very cute and easy to make, right? Make one for your baby girl! Come on, she will love more if you do so~ wish you a happy day~