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4 Exquisite Bracelets with Different Styles

Hi friends, nice to see you again. Pretty bracelets are indispensible for stylish girls. So today I’d like to introduce 4 exquisite bracelets with different styles for you. Let’s start to see~

 1. Personalized charm bracelet
So gorgeous charm bracelet! i am absorbed in its antique bronze charms. it looks very vintage. The knife charm lets me think back to the Primitive Era, in which people in different tribes always wear a knife to protect themselves or make a living. The bronze coin represents Chinese traditional cultures.

2. Pink beaded bracelet
This one is totally different from last bracelet mentioned before, it’s so sweet. I guarantee that it must appeal a large number of fashionable girls. Meanwhile, pink color is also pretty girly. The cat eye beads look so stunning!
3.Red Shamballa bracelet
I believe that a large number of people are familiar with this style bracelet. Shamballa bracelet is famous for its exquisite making ways-- real Shamballa bracelets are made from Shamballa beads which are threaded or knotted onto a cord by macramé knots, these are then pulled to close. But now, Shamballa bracelets can be used with any materials, such as wood beads, clay beads etc.

4. Green wrap bracelet
  What a fabulous masterpiece! The green color brightens my whole day! The feeling is so great, love it soooo much! Besides, the main material is cowhide leather cord, which is very enduring, so don’t worry its quality.

How do you think of these exquisite bracelets? Hope they light up your inspiration!