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Unique Facts to Know About Wooden Beads

Facts never lie and you will understand the heat of that statement better when you are considering wooden beads for your jewelry work. Wood is just one of the materials that are used for making beads but the facts attached to it are just amazing and unique. They are what you will rarely experience with any other material. It will be very important for you to grasp these facts prior to making any purchase move for your wooden beads. They will help in the decision making process.

  • Light in weight- dry wood is light in weight while wet wood is heavy. When making beads, the dried wooden material is used which means the resulting beads come with light weight. Therefore, it is a fact that beads made of wood are light in weight. There are many types of wood material used but hardwood is the common one.
  • Versatile- unlike other materials, you can curve any type of beads out of wood with ease. Whether you want an oval shaped bead, rounded beads or cylindrical beads it will be all possible. It remains a fact that wooden beads are versatile and that is something you cannot achieve with materials like metal or plastic.
  • Durable- wooden material is capable of withstanding very many damaging effects especially minor ones that other materials will not. For instance, wooden material will not be affected by scratches which are visible on glass or plastic materials. Unless they come under intense pressure from actions like hard hitting, wooden material is durable and cannot get damaged that easily. That is a clear fact.
  • Unique properties- wood as a raw material for making beads comes with very unique properties that make it stand out from the rest. For example, wood comes in very different colors as well as texture which is determined by the type of tree it has been sourced from. Some trees have dark wood while others have light wood. Also, there are those trees which are naturally smooth and others rough in texture. Those are some of the properties that only wooden beads come with and it’s yet another fact to digest.
  • Attractive- by nature, wooden material is very attractive and that is why many people prefer it for jewelry works. Actually, you might not even have to paint your beads in any color since the natural attractiveness of wood is enough. In cases where you will want to enhance the aesthetic value, wood can be painted to different colors and even change that without problems. Just count any other material that can withstand that. Possibly very few or none thus wooden beads are just unique.

These facts are so many that you cannot exhaust them. It is heartening to know that making wooden beads at home is one of the simplest tasks to accomplish. You will not need to have any expertise in accomplishing that unlike other materials where some skills will be necessary. For instance, you cannot just cut metal like that but it’s vital you know how to use cutters and many other aspects.