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How to Make Simple Beaded Chain Necklace in 10 Minutes

It is believed that most women can’t resist the temptation of necklace, especially beaded necklace due to their simple while vogue designs. If you are considering preparing a gift for your girlfriend, then you may try this stylish DIY beaded necklace.Check the beaded necklace tutorial now and let’s see how to finish it in 10 minutes! 
Jewelry making supplies for the beaded chain necklace:

10-12 inches of chain, cut into two pieces
About 5 inches of beading string 6-10 beads
2 crimps 4 jump rings
1 bracelet clasp
2 pairs of flat nose pliers
1 pair of wire cutters

Look at the above picture, at first take a crimp bead and slide it on one end of your beading wire and retain 2 extra inches.
Loop the end of the wire back into the bead to create a tiny loop. And secure the crimp bead with your pliers.
Then slide the beads in order as you like. When finishing sliding beads, grab the second crimp bead and repeat the first step. Make sure you get your crimp bead closed to your beads so that they could stay tight. Next loop your extra beading wire in through 3 or 4 beads before and open 2 jump rings and hook them to the loop of the beading wire separately.
At last attach the last jump rings and attach one to the end of the chain to attach your clasp. And don’t forget the other side.

Super easy to follow, right? Time to send it to your girlfriend! You can use other beads as you like, and I’m sure your girlfriend will love it and appreciate that you took the time to make this beaded necklace for her.
(Tutorial source: Stranger than vintage)