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Choosing Right Color for Seed Beads

Color is everything when it comes to jewelry. Whether its necklaces, bracelets or earrings, the ones you wear must come with a good color that you are comfortable with. The color you choose for your jewelry determines how attractive it will be to your eyes and those of other people. Seed beads are very common in jewelry and this article will discuss how to choose their ideal colors. It can be either bright or dull colors depending on your personal preference and taste.

To start with, you need to know about all the finishes available for your selection. They include:

  • Translucent- with this, you can easily see light through your beads but light is dim
  • Transparent- this is a material that allows one to see through with ease
  • Color-lined- this is where colors are applied inside the beads but it’s no long-lasting
  • Matte- the matte finish for seed beads is microscopic textured
  • Silver-lined- this is a finish where beads are coated using silver and is very attractive since it reflects light very well
  • Opaque- this has a very solid color and it does not allow light to penetrate at all
  • Copper-lined- this is applied on the inner side of the beads to reflect reddish light
That information should play a critical role in helping you determine the colors to choose for your seed beads. Every color has its own formula that is very critical to understand before making your selection. Sometimes, you can choose a mixture of colors and that brings about a very attractive pattern once the right colors are used. If you want plain colors or mixed colors for your beads, the choice will be all yours to make. In addition to color, there are several other correlated factors that should not be ignored when buying seed beads.

Weight is one such factor and is very critical in jewelry making. For one, jewelry materials should not be weighty but light. There is no person who will be okay having a bulky necklace hanging around the neck. That can be decided on the type of material chosen since some are naturally light while others are heavy. Therefore, this has to be a top consideration whenever buying seed beads. When you take a look at the construction technique for your beads, it will be very easy telling if they suit your needs satisfaction or not.

Two methods used

Since time immemorial, two methods have been in use and they are drawn and wound. For a traditional look, crafters use the wound method but it can take up a lot of your time. You will rarely get this method being used in the modern world of jewelry making. Most of the crafters these days use the drawn method and it’s very popular. It entails very precise procedures with a guarantee for high quality beads.

As you have learned, choosing the right color for your beads has something more into it. A lot of things have to be put into consideration regardless of where you are shopping from or how you are doing it.