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2 Steps on Making Tassel Earrings

No need to doubt, tassels are high up in our fashion accessories category. The best part about these simple yet elegant tassel earrings is that they are completely customizable, which means you never copy anthing someone else was wearing. Okay, let's begin to make this easy and fun craft.

Jewelry making supplies needed in tassel earrings tutorial:
Rhinestone Beads
4MM Glass Beads
Eye pins
Brass Chains
Earring Hooks

Directions for making tassel earrings tutorial:
Step 1: Make bead dangles for the tassel earrings
1st, slide 4mm glass bead onto t headpin, then cut off the extra part, and make a loop at the end. Then repeat to make another 9 bead dangles.
2nd, prepare 10 pieces 8cm length brass chains.
3rd, attach these 10 brass chains to a jump ring, then attach these 10 bead dangles to each end of these 10 brass chains.
Step 2: Finish long chain tassel earrings tutorial.
1st, make a bead link with an eye pin and a rhinestone bead
2nd, connect the chain tassel and earring hooks by the rhinestone bead link.
So, there is the gold long chain tassel earrings, so easy!