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Simple Project - Tassle Style Necklace

Happy Wednesday! Simple project sharing time is coming!!  With DIYs, the most important part, which must be that the project should be easy, fun and instantly wearable. Today I will make a tassel style necklace with Suede Cord.  Just same as the first glance, this project appears to be quite simple.  Okay, here we go!

Materials you will need: 3mm suede cord, 2 ribbon ends, 2 jump rings and 1 lobster clasp

Steps you need to follow:
Step 1: Prepare fringes and make triple braiding
Tips: a. 14 fringes should be in different lengths, the triple braiding
b. braid the three 50cm wide cords about 16cm long
Step 2: Insert the 14 fringes to finish the braiding
Tips: a. the fringes insert order: short - long - short.
b: after insert all the fringes, braid 16cm length again, then cut off the cords
Step3: Attach jump rings to both ends and then add lobster clasp to one end. Okay, the tassle style necklace is created. Prepared your own jewelry making supplies, have a nice crafting! :)

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