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Vintage Buttons and Why They Are So Popular

Vintage buttons are great collector items and are among the few antiques that have been able to stand the real test of time. Both their unique look and requisite beauty seems to be approaching in value as days go by thus making them a great fascination for many. Created nearly a century ago, this buttons are made of many different materials such as Bakelite, glass, celluloid, gold, silver and even enamel as well. Their nostalgic appeal continues to explain why they are such awesome collector pieces. As people across the world continue appreciating them greatly, their sales have increased considerably as well.

Unique shapes and designs

One of the reasons behind the great popularity of vintage buttons today is their unique shape and unmatched designs which they are available in. some of these buttons actually have a shape of realistic items like animals, flowers and faces and these ones are known as realistic or figurals. Most collectors of these items are actually more interested with buttons featuring such unique shapes and can be made in a large selection of materials than you would probably imagine. With their unique look, you can be sure that these buttons are very different from the usual buttons that you are used to.

Uniform buttons

Another interesting type of vintage buttons is the uniform ones which are even much more popular than you might probably imagine. Military veterans and history buffs have in recent times been showing a very great interest and admiration for metal buttons that were found formerly on fire department, police and military alongside other uniforms. A particular type of them is the carved buttons which feature an insignia or design that is carved at the center. For the large carved buttons, you can find them being made with different materials.

Finding vintage buttons

Considering the treasurable nature of vintage buttons, you can be sure that these ones are not found at every other place. In case you need these buttons, it is essential that you know the best places to buy them where you can be sure that you will get an incredibly great deal. Among the most excellent places where these beads can be discovered include antique stores, estate sales, garage sales and flea markets. You can also look into if you want to get a much better deal on their purchase. It is always important that you order them in bulk.

Vintage buttons are ideally very different from modern day buttons and when you compare the two, you will realize that a great difference does really exist between them. These buttons are unique and are an interesting piece of collection that you really shouldn't hesitate to have. Most of the collectors of these buttons are particularly more attracted to their insignia's and design which are embossed on them. The internet is undoubtedly the best place to shop for vintage beads and you will get them in a large selection from different vendors who sell them and are also of high quality as well.