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Tips on How to Choose the Best Bracelet Clasps

If you like to wear bracelets or make your own bracelets, you must take special notice of their clasps as they may come open and fall off if they are of inferior quality. So, choose clasps that suit your jewelry and your wrist best.
Clasps are an integral part of bracelet design. The two ends of a bracelet come together and snap shut. This action helps the bracelet sit properly on your wrist.
Apart from comfort and style, you must also consider how easy bracelet clasps are to open and close. Often, the method of opening and closing them is something only the salesperson in the jewelry shop can do. Because of a tiny and fragile spring clasp, you're perhaps too frightened to wear a beautiful bracelet and therefore give up in despair.
If you want to know about the quality of certain bracelets, all you need to do is to look at their clasps. This is why the right clasp is so important. If you are interested in creating your own range of bracelets, here are some tips on choosing the right bracelet clasps.
Tips on choosing the best bracelet clasps:
·         Choose a clasp to suit the type of beads you are using to make up the bracelet. Examine the diameter of the beads and choose a clasp that matches this design.
·         If you use large stone beads in the bracelet, match it with a sturdy clasp. This clasp could also be decorative so that it isn't all strength and no elegance.
·         Magnetic clasps cannot take a heavy weight, so they must be used only with smaller and lighter beads. You could also consider going for box clasps, pearl clasps, lobster claw clasps, toggle clasps, or extender clasps for their ease of wearing and removing.
There are many such types of clasps which you must think about in terms of style, security and ease of use before buying.
·         You should choose the kind of bracelet clasps depending on the beading material you use. Choose from plated silver, copper, nickel, rhodium and gold, gold or sterling silver filled solid gold, sterling silver or gemstone or pewter, stainless steel or vermeil, among others. The choice of material will largely depend on the material used for beading. It will also depend on the type of beads you are going to use in your creation.
·         Choose your bracelet clasps based also on the balance of size and color of the beads.
·         You should also look for clasps that have a good finish. After all, they are going to be used often and will come in contact with many surfaces and objects as well as the hands. They should wear well and look good too.
Choosing the right kind of bracelet clasps isn't easy. There are several parameters that will decide the right one for you, so choose well, taking all parameters into consideration. Now that you know how to choose, go ahead and do it.

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